Personality Psychology around the world


ACPID (Australian Conference on Personality) 

ARP (Association for Research in Personality)

ARPD (Association for Research in Personality Disorders)

BSPID (British Society of the Psychology of Individual Differences)

CSP (division of personality research in Chinese Society of Psychology)

DGPS (Division of Differential Psychology, Personality Psychology and Psychological Diagnostics in Germany)

EAPP (European Association of Personality Psychology)

IDA (Individual Differences Association)

ISIR (International Society for Intelligence Research)

ISSID (International Society for the Study of Individual Differences)

ISSPD (International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders)

JSPP (Japan Society of Personality Psychology)

SPA (Society for Personality Assessment)

SPSP (Society for Personality and Social Psychology)

SP-CPA (Social and Personality Section of the Canadian Psychological Association)

SEIDI (Spanish Society for the Research of Individual Differences)